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Our FAQ for Reglazing Solutions in Raleigh, NC

We love our planet, and we sincerely appreciate nice people that understand the importance of sustainability, excellent service, quality products, and upfront fair pricing. We have taken significant steps to improve the reglazing process by using the lowest VOC glazes on the market, and exhausters to pull workspace air to the outside. We conserve by using washable fabrics, recycled paper & plastic, & reusable plastics. Our highly trained technicians will arrive in a  eco conscious, fuel efficient, or hybrid vehicle, reducing our carbon footprint. By choosing Sustainable, you can be confident knowing you are not filling a dump with your old surfaces, and that we always properly dispose or recycle all of our coatings, paper, and any necessary plastic. We meticulously prepare the desired reglazing surface and chemically weld a new glaze to the old surface, we apply a molecular bonding agent that is so strong, we give a lifetime warranty. We do not take shortcuts, and we get the job done right. We clearly communicate with our clients while showing appreciation and respect for others. We hold each other accountable everyday, exceeding our clients standards and purposely taking the time to build honest and quality connections.

These terms simply refer to putting a new glaze, surface, or finish overtop of an existing surface after preparation and repair has been completed. This includes fixing rust, chips, large or small cracks, and structurally reinforcing fiberglass or holes if necessary. We can do localized repairs on cracks & chips & blend the repair to match, if not wanting to reglaze completely. We will go over all of your options & recommendations when you receive a formal quote. 

All reglazing companies offer to put a new finish on your old surface. The equipment, procedures, and materials used will vary greatly, this will effect the results, your service experience, and the impact on the planet. Some companies just want to offer the lowest prices instead of striving for sustainability. Many reglazing companies look for shortcuts by skipping on correct preparation, quality equipment, top of the line materials, reduced plastic waste, and proper waste disposal. They do not take the extra steps to commercially vent the workspace air and do not use washable fabrics, recycled paper, reusable plastic, recycle plastic or offer a lifetime warranty. Many companies use inferior products that were not designed for refinishing like epoxy, acrylic, urethane, or car paints. We arrive in a eco conscious, fuel efficient, or hybrid vehicle, reducing our carbon footprint. We meticulously prepare the desired surface, protect and mask off our entire work space and chemically weld a new glaze to the old surface, our glaze has a molecular bonding agent which is a similar to ones used in the dental industry, its the lowest VOC product on the market and our services are priced fairly. 

Most surfaces in bathrooms and kitchen can be sustainably reglazed with our process. We repair and reglaze cast iron, porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, formica, acrylic, cultured marble, laminate and granite. These materials are typically found on bathroom tubs, stand up showers, bathroom walls, fireplace’s, backsplash tile, sinks, vanities, countertops, and clawfoot tubs. 

Every project will have some different guidlines. Our team will discuss this with you in detail when you get a quote. The prep work, necessary repairs, and finish color of the surface play a large role in the overall timing. Most bathtubs or fiberglass showers take about 4-5 hours to complete, larger floors or countertops can take 1 full day. You would need to let the glaze cure for a full 24 hours before use.

Some additional sanding or stripping and preparation will be required to tackle the old finish and get your surface properly prepared. There was most likely an inferior product used or some steps missing in the process. Many companies do not prep correctly, and they apply epoxy, acrylic, or urethane coatings that result in a weak bond. We meticulously prepare the surface and chemically weld the new glaze to the old surface, we apply a molecular bonding agent that is so strong we give a lifetime warranty. 

If you do not properly care for and clean a finish, wether it is brand new or reglazed, it will deteriorate over time. We recommend cleaning our finish and any new finish with a natural multi surface cleaner and a washable towel every week or two. Using abrasives or acids when cleaning will eventually damage any new finish and we do not recommend those methods on our finish either. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our work. Warranties can be confusing, so to be clear, our warranty covers any chips, cracks, peeling or scratches in the finish that is a result of improper application or a quality or environmental concern. Our finish is incredibly durable and if cared for properly will last a Lifetime. We do not recommend bathmats or anything with suction cups or adhesives to be used on the new surface. We offer a non slip finish if requested for free and there are bathmats we recommend that do not have suction cups we can send upon request. If you or a contractor damages a newly reglazed tub we can repair it for a reasonable fee. Our warranty does not cover any damage outside of our control. Any small chips from a plumber wrench or stray tile can turn into problem area in the future and you would want to address them quickly. We offer buffing and polishing for all of our finishes, and we kindly ask to be the last specialist on your project to avoid any unnecessary damages. 

We proudly offer the lowest VOC and lowest odor reglazing system available. We use large exhausters to pull air to the outside from the work environment. Due to the nature of this type of work, there are odors. The odor will mostly dissipate within a few hours after the work is finished and will completely dissipate once cured in 24 hours. Most of customers do not have any problems with the mild odor. If you are highly sensitive to smells or would feel better about being out, while the work is being completed, please do so, and we can notify you when we are finished and send you pictures along the way. We recommend shutting the door to the bathroom, putting a towel under the door and opening a window in the area to let it ventilate once the work is complete. 

With todays technology, just about anything can be reglazed in your bathroom or kitchen. Professional, sustainable reglazing saves time, and the planet. Replacement or installation takes weeks and causes messy demolition, while the reglazing process takes maybe a day or two depending on the size of the project and causes no mess. You will typically save 70%-85% the cost of replacement or lining the surface. By reglazing, you will not be filling a dump with your old surfaces, plus, tub or countertop liners can crack overtime causing rot or mold below. You could attempt to save money by reglazing it yourself, but this is not recommended. All products that are available to the average consumer take a week to dry and eventually yellow and peel within 6-12 months and come out looking brushed, inconsistent or with drips. We spend a lot of time removing failed materials for homeowners that have tried this in the past.  We use reglazing industry specific coatings, equipment, and have significant experience in their application. Our process will produce a durable, professional, shiny, factory appearance saving you thousands over replacement or lining. 

We do not use rollers or brushes when refinishing, we use high material volume low pressure hot air turbine compressor technology with a specialized gun to spray our coatings on your old surface. You will not have any drips, roller marks or brush marks. The final finish is smooth and high gloss.



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