Almost Anything In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Can Be Expertly Reglazed To Look Beautiful & Clean

     Our process gives you a freshly updated look and is substantially less expensive than replacement. We can repair and reglaze worn out, discolored, or outdated cast iron porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, formica, plastics, metal or any other material. Our technology and approach is convenient, with minimal down time, no mess, and is sustainable. We apply brand new finishes on bathtubs, showers and sinks, to floor, wall or fireplace tile, as well as bathroom, kitchen or office counters. We will give you the best service, and price guaranteed. Its quick and easy, and our finished product will bring your old surface back to life again. We consciously recycle, dispose of waste properly, ventilate the workspace, & use the lowest VOC products available. With our reglazing system, we will not only improve the quality of your surfaces, and their longevity, but protect the planet as well. If you are trying to find a sustainable, eco-conscious reglazing solution contact us today.

Tub & Shower Reglazing

No matter what material your tub or shower is made of we can fix any blemishes and make it appear new. If your tub or shower is looking dingy, or unattractive, it’s time for reglazing. Most tubs are still in great shape but need a new coating. We repair any cracks, rust or chips while onsite and make the surface smooth again, then we molecularly bond our coatings with heat to your existing surface and a give lifetime warranty on the finish.  Rest assured that we will deliver the highest quality, most sustainable service on the market. Everyone loves the bright white look, but we can do any color you want. Get  a smooth, shiny, new finish for 1/7 the cost of replacement and no mess. 

All Types of Tile Reglazing

We reglaze bathroom and kitchen tile on the floor, walls, ceiling or backsplash of your home. Any color is possible, but white is a favorite. Wall tile of any type can be reglazed with our process, this includes kitchen backsplash reglazing and living room fireplace reglazing. Many showers and countertops are made of tile, and we can fix any cracks and fill in grout as well. Is your wall, floor, backsplash or fireplace tile looking outdated? Is your grout getting  unsightly, or is impossible to keep clean? We can help by creating a brand new, factory finish  glaze overtop of your existing tile and grout. We have any solid color available as well as 25 faux stone multi spec finishes available.  Get beautiful, and freshly updated tile without the crazy prices.

Vanity, Kitchen, Or Office Countertop Reglazing

Replacing your bathroom, kitchen or office vanities or countertops can be expensive. Why haul them off to a dump when they are solid countertops, but just dated or discolored? We will repair the countertops or vanities for any cosmetic blemishes, burns, or cracks, then we apply one of our 25 faux stone multi spec finishes or a solid color on top of your existing countertops. We can do just countertop touch ups and spot repairs as well.  Our beautiful finishes are nontoxic and durable. Reglazing countertops can quickly update and change the overall appearance of a space drastically.

Countertop Refinishing
Fiberglass Shower Reglazing
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Corner Tub Refinishing
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Fiberglass, Acrylic, Cultured Marble Reglazing

Is your shower or bath unit in ok shape, but yellowing, stained or outdated?  Wether it is fiberglass, acrylic, cultured or faux marble, formica, ceramic, plastic, or other material, w e can completely rejuvenate the look. We will fix any scratches or cracks it may have and then reglaze a new, factory finish overtop of your the existing surface. We have any solid color to choose from, as well as 25 faux stone multi spec finishes available. Get beautiful, and freshly updated tub, shower, vanity, countertop or wall for fractions of replacement cost.  leave it with a brand new clean finish.

Chip & Crack Repair + Structural Reinforcement

Do you have any tiny scratches, stains, cracks, chips, rust, burns, or complete holes in your tub, tiles, sink, shower or countertops? Did someone damage, rust out or drop adhesives or glues on your surface? We professionally fix all of these concerns, and blend the repairs to match the surrounding areas as closely as possible, and you’ll receive a lifetime warranty. Blemishes are not only eye sores but can be dangerous causing snags or potential property damage. Many times these issues are listed on property inspections and getting them handled soon should be priority to prevent leakage or injury. There is no repair too big or too small, we will reinforce any structural repairs if needed. Wether it is cast iron porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, tile, formica, ceramic, plastic, or other material, w e can completely restore the beauty and make it look almost like it never happened.

Baptistry Reglazing

Do you have a metal, fiberglass, or acrylic baptistry needing repair and reglazing? Is rust, or mold making the finish unsightly? We fix any problems and make the entire surface look like new again. We go the extra mile to offer sustainable coatings, that are not only durable, but non-toxic for these commercial surface restorations. Save significant downtime and money for other projects, by repairing and reglazing the existing surface. 

Commercial Cleaning, Repair, & Reglazing 

We offer sustainable reglazing services for commercial bathrooms and kitchens. This includes surface repair and reglazing, as well as post construction cleaning, buffing and polishing, for fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, formica, ceramic, plastic, or any other material. We will expertly clean, repair and reglaze for fractions of replacement cost. You may just need professional touch ups because a plumber dropped glue on the bathing unit, or there may be rust stains from tools or nails, as well as cracks from heavy handed contractors in a newly installed unit. Maybe your previous tenants left a few imperfections or damages in the bathroom or kitchen? We will professionally and affordably restore those concerning areas so you can turnover, book, rent or sell again quickly. 

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